The history of the TSD conference dates back to 1998 when the event was held for the first time, that time as an international workshop, in Brno, Czech Republic. The essential idea behind the project was to establish a scientific meeting platform that would act as a bridge between the East and the West. And where could this work better than in the very heart of Europe?

Since then, an uninterrupted row of the TSD conferences has been organised by Brno (even years) and Plzeň (odd years) crews...

Bibliometrics & Statistics
(as of on Oct 2022)
h5-index (Google Scholar) 13
h5-median (Google Scholar) 18
Impact Score (Research.com) 0.50
Research Ranking (Research.com) 1193

Registered Participants (2022) 115
Contributing Authors (2022) 174
Acceptance Rate (2022) 45.21%

As time passed, the TSD conference managed to grow and has achieved a more respected position and repute: It is now ranked as B1 conference in the combined (ERA/Qualis/MSAR) conference ranking available at www.conferenceranks.com. In the times when the Microsoft Academic Conference Analytics service was operational, we were ranked within top 40 NLP/ASR conferences world-wide.

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