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The timetable shown below is a preliminary version of the conference programme. We will try to do our best to comply with prospective requests of the conference participants in order to re-schedule their talks.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

08:00 – 09:30 Registration (open on all conference days)
09:30 – 09:40 Official Opening of the 22nd International Conference TSD2019 — Main Lecture Hall
 Elmar Nöth (TSD2019 Programme Committee Chairman)
09:40 – 10:30 Invited Talk — Main Lecture Hall
  Denis Jouvet: Speech Processing and Prosody
10:30 – 11:00Coffee Break
11:00 – 12:00 Poster Session: Text & Speech — Poster Hallway
  Jiří Přibil: Evaluation of Synthetic Speech by GMM-Based Continuous Detection of Emotional States
  Jiří Málek: On Practical Aspects of Multi-Condition Training based on Augmentation for Reverberation-/Noise-Robust Speech Recognition
  Nikola Ljubešić: KAS-term: Extracting Slovene Terms via Supervised Machine Learning
  Nicolas Müller: A Privacy Policy Dataset for GDPR Compliance
  Berfin Aktaş: Coreference in English OntoNotes: Properties and Genre Differences
  Qingran Zhan: Spoken Language Identification Using Language Bottleneck Features
  Šárka Zikánová: Explicit and Implicit Discourse Relations
12:00 – 13:00Lunch
13:00 – 13:50 Invited Talk — Main Lecture Hall
  Ryan Cotterell: Mitigating Gender Bias in Morphologically Rich Languages
13:50 – 14:00Break
14:00 – 16:05 Session Text — Lecture Hall 1
Chairperson: Nikola Ljubešić

  Tomáš Jelínek: Using a Database of Multiword Expressions in Dependency Parsing
  Lubomir Ivanov: Consonance as a Stylistic Feature for Authorship Attribution of Historical Texts
  Daiga Deksne: Bidirectional LSTM Tagger for Latvian Grammatical Error Detection
  Milan Straka: Czech Text Processing with Contextual Embeddings: POS Tagging, Lemmatization, Parsing and NER
  Vitor Pera: A Semi-automatic Structure Learning Method for Language Modeling
Session Speech Recognition & Synthesis — Lecture Hall 2
Chairperson: Jiří Málek

  Jakub Vít: Czech Speech Synthesis with Generative Neural Vocoder
  Zdeněk Hanzlíček: LSTM-based Speech Segmentation for TTS Synthesis
  Meetkumar Soni: Label-Driven T-F Masking For Robust Speech Command Recognition
  Meetkumar Soni: Comparing Front-end Enhancement Techniques and Multiconditioned Training for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
  Korbinian Riedhammer: A Comparison of Hybrid and End-to-End Models for Syllable Recognition
14:00 – 16:00 Programme Committee Meeting — MMD Hall
17:00 – ...      Old Ljubljana Tour & Welcome Reception
Meeting point: In front of  Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Thursday, 12 September 2019

09:00 – 09:50 Invited Talk — Main Lecture Hall
  Aline Villavicencio: Multiword Expressions and Idiomaticity: How Much of the Sailing Has Been Plain?
09:50 – 10:20Coffee Break
10:20 – 11:20 Poster Session: Text & Speech — Poster Hallway
  Markéta Jůzová: Using Auto-Encoder BiLSTM Neural Network for Czech Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion
  Mikhail Tikhomirov: Testing Features for Assessing Theme Adherence in Student Thesis
  Hassina Bouressace: Self-Organizing Feature Map for Arabic Word Extraction
  Ahmad Aghaebrahimian: Cross-Sentence Alignment with Deep Neural Networks
  Michal Novák: Exploiting Large Unlabeled Data in Automatic Evaluation of Coherence in Czech
  Tomáš Musil: Structure of Representation in Word Embeddings
  Victor Zakharov: Semantic Structure of Russian Prepositional Constructions
11:20 – 12:20Lunch
12:30 – ...      Conference Trip to Piran with Mediterranean Dinner
Meeting point: In front of  Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

Friday, 13 September 2019

09:00 – 09:50 Invited Talk — Main Lecture Hall
  Bhiksha Raj: Adversarial Attacks On ML Systems
09:50 – 10:20Coffee Break
10:20 – 12:25 Session Speech — Lecture Hall 1
Chairperson: Zdeněk Hanzlíček

  Martin Bulín: On Using Stateful LSTM Networks for Key-phrase Detection
  Juan Camilo Vásquez-Correa: Natural Language Analysis to Detect Parkinson's Disease
  Tomas Arias-Vergara: Consonant-to-Vowel/Vowel-to-Consonant Transitions to Analyze the Speech of Cochlear Implant Users
  Emna Boughariou: Linguistic Resources Construction: Towards Disfluency Processing in Spontaneous Tunisian Dialect Speech
  Christian Bergler: Deep Representation Learning for Orca Call Type Classification
Session Discourse & Dialogue — Lecture Hall 2
Chairperson: Jana Straková

  Adam Chýlek: Question-Answering Dialog System for Large Audiovisual Archives
  Norbert Braunschweiler: Crowd-sourced Collection of Task-Oriented Human-Human Dialogues in a Multi-Domain Scenario
  Nikola Ljubešić: The FRENK Datasets of Socially Unacceptable Discourse in Slovene and English
  Peter Bourgonje: Explicit Discourse Argument Extraction for German
12:25 – 12:35 Closing Ceremony of the 22nd International Conference TSD2019 — Main Lecture Hall
 Elmar Nöth (TSD2019 Programme Committee Chairman)
12:35 – 13:35Lunch




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