For PhD students, current and prospective

To start with: what PhD is all about from our colleagues at Purdue University — bottom line is that it “requires extended study and intense intellectual effort [to] master a specific subject completely [and] extend the body of knowledge about that subject” and will be rewarded by the joy that one “does not do the same things that millions of others are doing [and can] discover things that no other human has ever discovered”.

Topics for PhD research

Broadly, I am interested in

  • application consistency verification, in particular for modular systems;
  • modeling and visualization for component/modular software architectures;
  • software engineering methodologies, leaning more towards agile and safety-related ones.

The concrete topics for PhD research fall within these areas, and are always negotiable — if you are interested in something related, just drop me a line.

The first two above areas are also covered in the PhD-level courses Component Models and Architectures and Software Systems Reliability which I lead. The research method fundamentals are covered by a master-level seminar in software engineering research.

Current students

  • Petr Pícha
  • Sangita De
  • Lukáš Černý


  • Lukáš Holý (thesis defended 03/2016)
  • Jaroslav Šnajberk (finished 2014)
  • Kamil Ježek (finished 2012)

Other former students

  • Lenka Rychtářová
  • Jakub Daněk
  • Eda Chromík
  • Lukáš Valenta
  • Václav Tůma
  • Jarda Bauml