The official language of the TSD2021 conference is English. Thus, the submitted papers must be written in English. However, papers dealing with text and speech processing in linguistic environments other than English are strongly encouraged (as long as they are written in English).


The conference programme will include presentations of invited papers (keynote speeches), oral presentations, and poster/demonstration sessions. Papers will be presented in plenary or topic-oriented sessions. A preliminary conference programme will be published at the conference web pages in the Programme section as soon as it is assembled.

Social events including a trip in the vicinity of Olomouc will allow additional informal interactions. The detailed information about the social events can be found in the Social Events section of the TSD2021 web.


The proceedings of the TSD2021 conference form a book published by Springer in their Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)/Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) series. The TSD proceedings are regularly indexed by Thomson Reuters (Conference Proceedings Citation Index, formerly ISI) and many other indexing services.


Authors are invited to submit a full paper not exceeding 12 pages (in total, i.e. with all figures, bibliography, etc. included) formatted in the LNCS style (see below). Those accepted will be presented either orally or as posters. The decision about the presentation format will be based upon the recommendation of three reviewers. The authors are asked to submit their papers using the on-line submission interface accessible from the TSD2021 web application (see the SUBMISSION PROCEDURE paragraph below).

Papers submitted to TSD2021 must not be under review by any other conference or publication during the TSD2021 review cycle, and must not be previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

As the review is double-blind, the paper should not contain the authors' names and/or affiliations. Furthermore, self-references that may reveal the author's identity, like e.g. "We previously showed (Smith, 1991) ...", should be avoided. Instead, use citations such as "Smith previously showed (Smith, 1991) ...". Papers that do not conform to the requirements above are subject to be rejected without review.

The authors are strongly encouraged to typeset their papers using LaTeX. The LaTeX format is necessary for the final versions of the papers that will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes series. Authors using a MS Word-compatible software for the final version must use the LNCS template for MS Word and within the submit process ask the Proceedings Editors to convert the paper to LaTeX format. For this service a service-and-license fee of CZK 1500 will be charged automatically.

The paper format for review has to be either PDF or PostScript file with all required fonts included. Upon notification of acceptance, presenters will receive further information on submitting their camera-ready manuscript version and other resources (for detailed instructions on the final paper format see the Springer's document http://www.springer.com/us/computer-science/lncs/conference-proceedings-guidelines or Springer Guidelines for Authors of Proceedings). The TSD2021 submission template is available from the link in the next paragraph SUBMISSION TEMPLATE.

Authors are also invited to present actual projects, developed software or interesting material relevant to the topics of the conference. The presenters of the demonstration should provide the abstract not exceeding one page. The demonstration abstracts will not appear in the conference proceedings.


Important! The best option to begin the preparation of your paper for the TSD2021 conference is to start out with the TSD2021 submission template. This template was carefully prepared by the conference proceedings editors and using it will guarantee flawless incorporation of your prospective submission into the proceedings. The template comes out from the original Springer's LNCS/LNAI template, however, it has been fine-tuned for the best possible look of the resulting book of proceedings.

We strongly encourage you to use the LaTEX typesetting system together with the provided TSD2021 submission template.


It is not necessary to install a distribution of the LaTEX/TEX-based typesetting system onto your computer. Overleaf (the maker of collaborative authoring tools) and Springer in cooperation prepared a template of an LNCS/LNAI conference paper for the web LaTEX editor which is ready for you for free to prepare the TSD2021 conference paper instead of installing the LaTEX system locally.



How to submit a paper to the TSD2021 conference? It's easy – just follow the few simple steps below:

  1. Register yourself as a conference participant – you can do so by clicking onto the Registration item from the menu in the upper (navigation) area of the TSD2021 web page.
  2. Fill in the registration form and click the green Register button below it. If everything went okay you are now registered for the conference and can go on with submitting your paper.
  3. During the registration your personal TSD2021 account is created and you can log into it right away. Just click onto the Login menu item and follow the instructions.
  4. When logged in, the menu on the right-hand side changes – you should see your name there. Point the mouse cursor onto it and from the pop-up menu choose My Papers – there you can manage your submissions.
  5. You can see the papers you've already submitted (probably none yet) and right under the list there is a form from where you can upload a new submission (after filling in few pieces of additional information).
You need to be registered in order to upload a submission for review. However, it does not imply any obligation to pay the conference fee. The fee is paid upon and after the notification that the submission was accepted for the conference.


How to upload the camera-ready version of the paper? It's easy, too:

  1. Log into the TSD2021 web application by clicking onto the Login item from the menu in the upper (navigation) area of the TSD2021 web page.
  2. When logged in, the menu on the right-hand side changes – you should see your name there. Point the mouse cursor onto it and from the pop-up menu choose My Papers – there you can see your submission(s). Those that are accepted for publication in the conference proceedings are marked with a green tick-off mark and their state is 'Accepted'.
  3. Click on the Results icon ([*]) right next to the paper (in the same line of the table of papers) for which you want to upload the camera-ready version. It will bring you to the Submission review results section.
  4. Right below the tabularized review results there is a form named 'Camera-ready file upload'. There you can upload the archive (preferably in ZIP format) with the camera-ready version of your submission.
Important! Please, do not forget to include the printed, filled in, signed & scanned Consent to Publish (formerly known as Copyright Form) into the uploaded archive with your camera-ready materials.
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