The dates below are of special importance for the prospective conference participants:

Deadline for submission of contributions: April 18, 2021
Notification of acceptance or rejection: May 21, 2021
Deadline for submission of camera-ready papers:  May 31, 2021postponed to June 7, 2021
TSD 2021: September 6 – 8, 2021
— the conference programme was shortened by one day due to a considerable number of poster presentations (that are much faster than the oral ones) and many participants willing to join the conference in the remote/online mode
Warning! Please, monitor this page. The dates may change slightly due to various reasons during the course of preparation of the conference.


The conference fee depends on the date of payment and on your status (participant type). It includes one copy of the conference proceedings (book/USB flash drive), refreshments/coffee breaks, lunches and dinners, opening dinner, welcome party, social event admissions, and organizing costs. In order to lower the fee as much as possible, the accommodation is not included in it this time.

Full participant

Early registration by June 7, 2021  CZK   10000 (approx. 400€)
Late registration by August 1, 2021  CZK   11000 (approx. 440€)
On-site registration  CZK   12100 (approx. 484€)

Full participant – remote (online) access

Early registration by June 7, 2021  CZK    4750 (approx. 190€)
Late registration  CZK    5225 (approx. 209€)

Student (reduced)

Early registration by June 7, 2021  CZK    8000 (approx. 320€)
Late registration by August 1, 2021  CZK    8800 (approx. 352€)
On-site registration  CZK    9680 (approx. 387€)

Student – remote (online) access

Early registration by June 7, 2021  CZK    3750 (approx. 150€)
Late registration  CZK    4125 (approx. 165€)
Feel free to revise your preferred way of attendance till the end of July in the My Details section of the website. Changing from the 'on-site attendance' to 'online/remote attendance' is always possible (if you paid the regular fee and want to go 'online', we wire you back the difference). However, changing it after the end of July might not be possible and we would not guarantee a place at the conference because of the already reserved seats/meals/refreshments/etc.

All costs must be stated in Czech Crowns (Czech Koruna, CZK) as the main organizing institution is fiscally seated in the Czech Republic. Nonetheless, the fee payments can be made also in Euros or U.S. Dollars (see the account information below). Check e.g. the Universal Currency Converter for the current exchange rate.

Important! At least one of the authors of a paper has to be registered and pay the registration fee no later than on June 7, 2021, for their paper to be included in the conference proceedings. Only one paper of up to 12 pages is included in the regular registration fee. Any additional paper is treated as a new submission. An author with more than one paper will have to pay a proportional cost that covers the publication unless a co-author has also registered and paid the full registration fee. In the case of uncertainty, feel free to contact the organising committee for clarification.


The early or the late conference fee respectively should be paid via cashless bank transfer using the information provided below.

Important! The on-site payments can only be made in cash Euros (EUR) or Czech Crowns (CZK) – we cannot accept any other currencies. It is because of the effective local legislation that bans subjects without the Czech National Bank licence (applicable to the TSD2021 organizing committee) from providing currency exchange services.

Information: Please, note that payment cards may not be used for on-site payments!


Bank name:Komerční banka, a. s.
Bank address:Komerční banka, a. s., Na Příkopě 33/969, 114 07 Praha 1, Czech Rep.
Account number (for CZK payment):4811530257
Account number (for USD payment):4845490257
Account number (for EUR payment):4845500267
Bank code:0100
IBAN (for CZK payment):CZ8101000000004811530257
IBAN (for USD payment):CZ3201000000004845490257
IBAN (for EUR payment):CZ0401000000004845500267
Payment details:524001 <YOUR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER>
Charges details:OUR
Variable symbol:524001
Beneficiary:Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Beneficiary address:Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Univerzitní 8, 306 14 Plzeň, Czech Rep.
Account holder:the same as beneficiary

Please, replace the symbol <YOUR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER> with your actual user identification number (User ID#) which can be found on your TSD2021 personal page in the My Details section (in left upper part, right below your name).

Important! In case you need a receipt acknowledging your payment for the purposes of your funding organization/employer, please, be sure to fill in the data necessary for receipt issuing in advance (like e.g. company ID#, tax registration number, etc.) in the My Payments section. The receipts can only be issued by the University of West Bohemia Financial Department and signed by its head and therefore we cannot issue the receipt on-site upon your request!
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