The preferred way of contacting the conference organizing committee is writing an e-mail to:
Ms Lucie Tauchenová, TSD2021 Conference Secretary
E-mail: tsd2021@tsdconference.org
Phone: +420 730 851 103

All paper correspondence regarding the conference should be addressed to:
TSD2021 – KIV
Fakulta aplikovaných věd
Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Univerzitní 8
CZ-306 14 Plzeň
Czech Republic

Fax: +420 377 632 402 — Please, mark the faxed material with large capitals 'TSD' on top.


The conference web site is maintained by Mr Kamil Ekštein. In case that you experienced any problems with the conference web or found any error or typo, please, contact him by e-mail.

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