Overview of Studies at DCSE

Department of Computer Science and Engineering runs courses and the final examinations in the three-year bachelor and two-year engineering (master degree) study programmes. The structure of the programmes follows the Bologna recommendations. The department also offers postgraduate studies of Computer Science and Engineering with no preassigned specialisations. In addition, our lecturers teach basic Computer Science courses for the first-year students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The department also teaches principal Information Technology courses at the faculties of Economics, Philosophy and Health Care Studies, and specialised subjects for other engineering-study programmes at the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

The department welcomes international students into their studies, participating in Erasmus and other exchange programmes.

Study Programmes at DCSE

Bachelor (Bc.) Study Programmes

The shortest possible time to receive Bachelor degree is 3 years (6 terms, 180 credits). A student first receives a core of courses shared with other programmes of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The second stage of the Bc. study consists of a group of courses that provide sufficient coverage of all core computing disciplines, as well as giving some room for student's specialization. The Bc. study is finished with the final state bachelor examination and bachelor thesis defense; on a successful outcome, the student receives the Bc. degree.

Follow-up Master (Ing.) Study Programmes

The master degree stage takes two standard years and its study programme is different according to a student's chosen branch of study defined by specialization courses, which cover both core and advanced topics in the given area. A diploma thesis finalizes the study by substantial project work related to the chosen specialization. A study is completed by a final state examination consisting of three partial state examinations from specified courses and a diploma thesis defense. On successful outcome, the student receives the Ing. (engineer, M.Eng. equivalent) degree.

Doctoral (Ph.D.) Study

The doctoral study programme Computer Science and Engineering is focused on scientific research and individual creative work in the field of computer science, computer engineering, and information technologies. Scientific research and creative activities of students are conducted primarily within the scope of international and national projects as well as University grant scheme for specific University research.