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# ip-down <interface> <myaddr> <daemon-pid> <local> <remote> <arg>              
# Sample of the ip-down script.                                                 
# This is called with the same arguments as ip-up after the device was          
# closed. It can be used for removing proxyarps, or (like here)                 
# for logging purposes, etc.                                                    
umask 022                                                                       
# Logging example                                                               
now=`date "+%b %d %T"`                                                          
echo "$now DOWN $*" >> /var/log/cipe.log                                        
# remove the daemon PID file                                                    
rm -f /var/run/cipe/$ /var/run/cipe/$                                 
# If the system runs gated, tell it what has happened                           
#gdc interface                                                                  
exit 0

Radek Jakoubek 2003-12-19