Library of statistical methods for EEG/ERP experiments

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Product description

The sample product enables users to statistically process data from EEG/ERP experiments. It is implemented as java library and apart from refactored one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) it contains three newly implemented statistical methods – a two way analysis of variance (ANOVA), a one way multivariate ANOVA (MANOVA) and a two way MANOVA. The MANOVA is implemented with all MANOVA significant statistical tests – Pillai- Bartlett trace, Wilk’s lambda, Hotelling Lawley trace and Roy’s greatest characteristic root. The library was presented in the paper Roman Mouček, Petr Jaroš, Petr Ježek, Václav Papež: Software infrastructure for EEG/ERP research, Proceedings of the International Conference on Knowledge Enginering and Ontology Development, Paris, 2011. The user manual for the product is in the attached file manual.pdf.


The use of this product is governed by the following license: GNU-GPL

GNU General Public License v.3

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