Software tool for categorization of words from Czech-written documents

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Product description

This software tool can be used for categorization of words acquired from the Czech-written input documents. The categorization is made by the hierarchical artificial neural network GHSOM (Growing Hierarchical Self-Organizing Map) composed from a several self-organizing map (SOM). The application provides GHSOM network creation, training and visualization of results of the categorization. The categorization of words from Czech-written documents was also described in the article „Clustering of Words from Czech Written Documents Using GHSOM“ published in the proceding of GCIS2010 conference. The GHSOM user guide, detailed description of GHSOM network, above mentioned GCIS2010 article and the software tool for generation of GHSOM input vectors are also included in the archive. This software tool was developed within the research project No. 2C06009 Cot-Sewing.


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