Tool for stimuli presentation in neuroinformatics experiments PreSti

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Product description

The software is used to design test scenarios and present visual stimuli. These stimuli are used in experiments, where evoked potentials (electrical brain responses to sensory stimuli) measured on subjects are examined. The program allows design test scenarios to users without any programming knowledge, since the design of test scenarios is done in a graphical environment by creating flowcharts. Software functionality can be extended by additional modules that add new symbols suitable for the design of test scenarios in the graphical environment. The software can communicate over parallel port with the device for measuring brain waves. The program is capable of running on Windows operating systems from XP version. The software tool was presented in the paper “PreSti – Software for presentation of stimuli” published in the proceedings of the 10th Conference on Cognition and Artificial Life. Description of installation and user manual are in the attached file presti.pdf.


The use of this product is governed by the following license: GNU-GPL

GNU General Public License v.3

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