Mobile agents for processing EEG/ERP signals

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Mobile agents for EEG/ERP (electroencephalography, event related potentials) processing are a set of software tools such that the methods of EEG/ERP signal processing are easily transferred and executed on a remote computer where the EEG / ERP data repository is located. The presented set of software tools includes the implementation of methods for artifacts detection in EEG / ERP signals and conversion of EEG/ERP data formats in the form of mobile agents. A user is able to extend this set easily. A result of mobile agent work is notified to users by e-mail message. The importance of the system of mobile agents for processing EEG/ERP signals and testing results of implemented mobile agents were published in the paper Using Mobile Agents in EEG Signal Processing, 2nd International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence, Valencia, Spain, 2010. Description of installation and user manual are in the attached file manual.pdf.


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