Compression of Image Based Delaunay Triangulation

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This software was developed under the project KJB10470701 of the GA AV of the Czech Republic. It converts the Delaunay triangulation that represents an image (or any regular grid of values) and that is stored in the text .DAT or .TRI format (see or in the binary .TRX format into a more compact .bgf2, .lhc or .bhc formats, i.e., into FVXAPATH, LZHEC and BEHEC formats. Inverse conversion from these formats into .DAT, .TRI or .TRX formats is naturally also supported. The conversion is lossless. The compression ratio is 30-60:1 depending on the size of the triangulation and used format. The methods implemented in this software, experiments and their results are described in the following papers: Kohout J: Alternative Representation of Image Information. Technical Report, University of West Bohemia, 2009, (DCSE/TR-2009-11) Kohout J, Kolingerová I, Janák T: Compression of images using Delaunay triangulation. In: Proceedings of the 9th IASTED International Conference on Vizualization, Imaging, and Image Processing, 2009. Current version: 3.12.2009


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