Image Triangulation Interpolation

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This software was developed under the project KJB10470701 of the GA AV of the Czech Republic. It reconstructs the raster reprezentation of digital image from the Delaunay triangulation reprezentation of this image by an interpolation over triangles. Various interpolation methods are supported. Note: the triangular reprezentation of the image can be obtained from other utilities produced under the project in question or by any other competitive solution (e.g., Demaret et al, 2004). The methods implemented in this software, experiments and their results are described in the following papers: Janák T. Interpolation methods for triangulation represented digital image. Bachelor thesis, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, 2009 Janák T. On interpolation for triangulation-represented digital image. In: Proceedings of CESCG 2008, Budmerice, Slovakia, pp. 51-58 Kohout J, Kolingerová I, Janák T: Compression of images using Delaunay triangulation. In: Proceedings of the 9th IASTED International Conference on Vizualization, Imaging, and Image Processing, 2009. Current version: 27.10.2009


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