Volume data analysis and iso-surface extraction for MVE-2

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Product description

Software modules for analysing and extracting iso-surfaces from volume data on MVE-2 visualization platform.

Modules for processing volume data are implemented in library Visualization.dll. Their purpose is to find, according to selected threshold value, in input volume data the iso-surface (a surface, that connects data points with equal data value), represented by triangle mesh, that can be further processed on the MVE-2 platform. Modules for iso-surface extraction are named after the algorithms they implement:

  • Marching Cubes
  • Marching Tetrahedra 5 – implementation of the algorithm with subdivision into 5 tetrahedra
  • Marching Tetrahedra 6 – implementation of the algorithm with subdivision into 6 tetrahedra
A template was constructed for the creation of these modules, that will make easier eventual implementation of another extraction algorithms.

Part of the library is also the module Volume Data Histogram, that generates and displays occurence histogram of data values from input volume data. This information can give the user idea about character of the data and it's values.

Folders content:
  • bin – files intended for distríbution, including file 'readme.txt', in which installation process can be found
  • doc – contains programmer's and user's documentation for supplied software
  • src – source files of aforementioned modules


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