Modules for processing medical data in DICOM format for MVE-2

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Product description

Software modules for loading and viewing DICOM data on MVE-2 visualization platform.

Modules for processing medical data in DICOM format are implemented in library Visualization.dll. Namely modules:

  • DICOM Loader – from selected directory loads .dcm files (representing individual data slices), from which resulting data structure is created, enabling successive processing of DICOM data on the MVE-2 platform.
  • Volume Slice Viewer – enables displaying volume (not only DICOM) data. Data can be browsed by slices along 3 orthogonal planes and displayed slice can be either zoomed in or zoomed out, eventually inverted.
Folders content:
  • bin – files intended for distríbution, including file 'readme.txt', in which installation process can be found as well as link to the page, where sample DICOM data can be dowloaded from.
  • doc – contains programmer's and user's documentation for supplied software
  • src – source files of aforementioned modules


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