Software for automatic creation and publication of news texts within stock exchange news

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Product description

Software for automatic generation of news texts based on input parameters (topic, factual data). The software is based on functional sample algorithms RIV/00216208:11230/19:10407343. It contains functionalities of connection to the data interface of the Stock Exchange and provides a standard API for subscribers of the resulting texts. The outputs are tuned in real operation on the E15 platform. The system processes data from stock exchange news by a method using templates for automatic generation of news texts. It is an algorithm that produces two reports every human day of the Prague Stock Exchange without human intervention: the first is published immediately after the close of the stock exchange from current data provided by the Prague Stock Exchange API (after 4.30 pm), the second is a more accurate version after the official exchange rate. PSE ticket (after 17:00).
The result was created within the grant: TL02000288 - Transformation of Journalisms Ethics in the Advent of Artificial Intelligence

This project is co-financed with the state support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the ETA Program.


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