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Head and neck cancers represent a heterogeneous group of diseases with different prognosis. Despite advances in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the prediction of these diseases remains unfavourable in many cases. The main objective of the research of these tumours is to search for both prognostic and predictive tumour markers as well as clinical factors related to disease development and treatment that could better predict individual disease development. A critical factor for early detection of recurrence of the disease is consistent monitoring. The unique software tool "Motol HNC database" supporting detailed monitoring, treatment and improvement of care for patients with malignant head and neck tumours was developed within the project. The tool collects clinical data from molecular tumor marker studies and serves as a support for setting up dispensary care and determining the quality of care. The project repository is available at The software was supported by the University specific research project Processing of heterogeneous data and its specialized applications (project SGS-2019-018).


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