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Project number: DG16P02B009

Affiliation: The result was created as part of the project of the Ministry of Culture No. DG16P02B009: Making the questions of the Language Counseling Center accessible in a linguistically structured database.

LSSDD is a linguistically structured database of questions, which was created in cooperation with the Institute for Czech Language (ÚJČ) of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (UWB). The database is used for storing of queries in structured form from the Language Counseling Center, which is further used by the Language Counseling staff and the general public. A modern web application is used to access the database.

The application enables UJČ staff to annotate the answers in a structured way to questions that are typically consulted through a telephone call. Queries can be divided into areas (such as spelling, stylistics) and categories (such as capitalization in titles). You can also search for answers by keywords. The most important part of the database is an extensive detailed problem analysis that allows flexible annotation at various levels of description. It can be an annotation of the whole query, its part, word, sounds, letters and characters.

The main benefit of the database is evidence of new and problematic language phenomena, their analysis, identification and pairing with their various variants. For selected phenomena it is possible to identify their origin and course (interest in the phenomenon). This application is a tool for the permanent completion and expansion of the database and will therefore serve as a kind of collective historical memory, both the creation of Czech normative grammar and spelling rules, as well as the most reliable scientifically processed record of Czech national language development from the perspective of language users themselves.

Public access to the database is provided free of charge and online:

The contact person for the results control is: PhDr. Martin Prošek, Ph.D., Institute of the Czech Language, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v. I., Operator of structured database at

RIV type: S - structured database


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Apache Software License v. 2

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