Overlay network routing simulator with traffic prediction

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Product description

The simulator is used to simulate dynamic routing in overlay networks (a virtual network of distributed filesystem nodes, teleconference calls and multimedia content delivery). Simulator consist of the following modules:
* 1 docker container technology
* 2 module for route estimation
* 3 module for metrics collection and future values prediction
* 4 module for simulating overlay network lines parameters based on CSV input
* 5 module for traffic routing in the overlay network

Communication between nodes is realised via TCP protocol. The routing uses a SOCK5 protocol which allows using overlay network to transport various protocols and applications.

Following prediction algorithms are available:
* 2 Simple neural network
* 3 Least square extrapolation

Prediction module is extendable by new algorithms implementations.
This simulator was born as master thesis of Lukáš Kvídera and this was supported by the UWB grant SGS-2016-013 Advanced Graphical and Computing Systems.


The use of this product is governed by the following license: GNU-GPL

GNU General Public License v.3

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