BodyInNumbers - Software Prototype for Rapid Collection and Storage of Heterogeneous Health Related Data

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Product description

BodyInNumbers is a software prototype for rapid collection, storage, management and visualization of heterogeneous health related data (reaction time data, P300 event-related component data, color vision, spirometry, electrocardiography, blood pressure, blood glucose, body proportions and flexibility) together with corresponding metadata (for example, a summary of the participant's current lifestyle and health). After data evaluation the user can view relevant information related to his/her health and fitness. The software was supported by the UWB grant SGS-2016-018 Data and Software Engineering for Advanced Applications, the project LO1506 of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under the program NPU I and the 2nd Internal grant scheme of UWB School of Computing, 2016. The project repository is available at Information about the project is available at The software prototype has been tested on 470 people in real environment (mainly during the Days of Science and Technology 2016 and 2017) and continuously improved according to operation difficulties. Published in: BRUHA, Petr, et al. Exercise and Wellness Health Strategy Framework. BIOSTEC 2017, 2017, 477.


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