Mobile version of EEG/ERP Portal for android platform

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Mobile version of the EEG/ERP Portal follows the EEG/ERP Portal developed to manage experimental data/metadata. Such solution is sufficient for collecting the most of experiments performed in the laboratory. On the other hand, situations when using a computer is not a viable option are frequent. Many experiments are conducted outside the laboratory with a portable measuring device. We have developed a system for collecting experimental data/metadata running on mobile devices. The system contains a set of forms where a user can fill metadata describing an experiment. The set of metadata is equivalent to metadata that the user can fill in the EEG/ERP Portal. The metadata are described by the internal portal ontology. In addition, the user can upload binary data. The communication of both the mobile EEG/ERP Portal and web EEG/ERP Portal is ensured using RESTfull web services. Server-client architecture is used. A server part is implemented in the EEG/ERP Portal. The server provides access to the database and sends data to the client implemented inside the mobile device. The communication between the server and client is secured using SSL protocol. The tool has been published at a VL/HCC 2013 konference and an INCF 2013 congress. It has been developed within NTIS project. The project documentation and source codes are available in a project repository:


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