Automatic Face Corpus Creator - tool for automatic face corpus creation

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Product description

The Automatic Face Corpus Creator is intended to be used to create a face corpus from a set of real-world photographs. Our focus is the face recognition under real-world conditions. It means we recognize people in normal photographs. The face in these photographs is often rotated, tilted or occluded and the pose is not uniform. Therefore, the recognition from such photographs is very difficult. This tool helps to obtain a face corpus as good as possible from the available set of photographs. It examines the photographs and try to detect faces. If the face is detected it is further examined to check the quality. It is classified by the multilayer perceptron trained with face and non-face examples. Further, we detect eyes in the face. If both eyes are successfully detected, the face is rotated so that the eyes are placed horizontally and the face is centred. The Automatic Face Corpus Creator was developed mainly for testing and evaluation of the face recognition methods on real-world photographs.


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