Stimulation protocol and data for diagnosing developmental coordination disorder

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The stimulation protocol of the experiment (type: ignored protocol) has been used in research of structure and diagnosis of developmental coordination disorders in children at preschool and primary school age. It is based on sound stimulation and written in the programming language of the Presentation software. Enclosed anonymized experimental data obtained from 16 subjects fulfill the conditions imposed on the quality of such data (number of artifacts, presence of components). The stimulation protocol and the resulting data were presented in the following papers:

  • Mouček R., Mautner P., Čepička L., Holečková, I. : ERP experiment in children with developmental coordination disorder as use case for extending EEG/ERP domain ontology, 5th Annual INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics, Munich, 2012,

  • Čepička L., Holečková I., Mautner P., Mouček R.: Projevy poruchy pozornosti v závislosti na stupni pohybového vývoje u dětí předškolního věku, Česká kinantropologie. 2012, roč. 16, č. 2, s. 119-125. ISSN: 1211-9261.

The stimulation protocol and the resulting data were created as a part of the grant project 406/09/0150 (GACR) - The Structure and Diagnostics of Developmental Coordination Disorder in Children at School Age (2009-2011), The attached manual describes in detail the stimulation protocol, the resulting data, and the possibility of their alternative downloading.


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