Computing Dual Structure of 3D Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram

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A console application awvoronoi-run, a part of the project AwVoronoi (, reads 3D points with weights, computes the dual structure of their aw-Voronoi (additively weighted) diagram and writes the structure to an XML document. The structure is especially useful for the analysis of empty space in the union of a set of balls, e.g., in the spatial analysis of proteins or granular materials. The application and its computational libraries are written in Java, open source and available under the MIT license. A speedup plugin uses a part of the CAVER application ( implementing an algorithm for constructing 3D Delaunay triangulation. CAVER is freely available under the GNU GLP license. This work has been supported by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic under the project P202/10/1435 and by the University of West Bohemia under the project SGS-2010-028.


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