113 items were found. The software is available according to the following agreements:

#NameSizeLicenseYearNumber of downloads
1.Software for automatic creation and publication of news texts within stock exchange news391 kBKIV-ZCU-EULA20211
2.Functional sample - Nástroj pro vyhledávání a analýzu faktů339 kBKIV-ZCU-EULA20212
3.Data corpus for Hand movement detection from EEG data1468.2 MBGNU-GPL20203
4.Python scripts for the P300 processing and classification784 kBGNU-GPL20195
5.LSSDD - Linguistically structured software query database6.3 MBASL20193
6.Motol HNC database10 MBGNU-GPL201915
7.CHMD - Cholt Muscle Decomposition24 MBKIV-ZCU-EULA201710
8.BodyInNumbers - Software Prototype for Rapid Collection and Storage of Heterogeneous Health Related Data71.5 MBGNU-GPL20179
9.Simulator of distributed file system2.7 MBGNU-GPL20177
10.KIVFS - distributed file system949 kBGNU-GPL20173
11.Triangle mesh curvature estimation bechmark5.7 MBGNU-GPL20162
12.Web application for voice records annotation3.6 MBGNU-GPL20166
13.Corpus simulating updates of software libraries API154 kBASL20163
14.Timeline visualisation tool4.7 MBGNU-GPL20169
15.Overlay network routing simulator with traffic prediction14.1 MBGNU-GPL20161
16.Sparkle – Enriched Graphical SPARQL Query Builder10.2 MBGNU-GPL20153
17.EEGbase - portal for management of electrophysiological experiments141.9 MBGNU-GPL201510
18.eGIS - tool for determining a transformation key814 kBKIV-ZCU-EULA20153
19.P300 data validator64.6 MBGNU-GPL20146
20.Framework for generation of odML templates from relational database1067 kBASL20141
21.Distributed Urban Traffic Simulator DUTS2.1 MBGNU-GPL20134
22.Editor for Distributed Urban Traffic Simulator DUTS1418 kBGNU-GPL20132
23.Maven Compatibility Checking Plugin for 3rd Party Libraries29 kBGNU-GPL20131
24.Mobile version of EEG/ERP Portal for android platform6 MBASL20131
25.AutoFaceRec - Automatic Face Recognition System341 kBGNU-GPL20135
26.Tool for supporting semantic annotation of documents KIM-OWLImport6 MBASL20135
27.Brain Infarction Core Delineator16.9 MBCC-BY-NC-S20121
28.Medical Meta Data Extraction and Manipulation Tool17.8 MBGNU-GPL20121
29.Automatic Statistic and Metric Analysis Tool for ANSI C Source Code545 kBCC-BY-NC-S20125
30.Cache Simulator10.4 MBGNU-GPL201248
31.Computing Dual Structure of 3D Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram3.6 MBGNU-GPL20128
32.JHeightMap - Java 3D visualization module for height maps46 kBCC-BY-NC-S20123
33.Semantic Framework56.8 MBGNU-GPL20121
34.EEG Data Processor - Framework for Running Signal Processing Methods40 MBGNU-GPL20122
35.EEG/ERP Data Clustering Tool14.5 MBGNU-GPL20122
36.Stimulation protocol and data for diagnosing developmental coordination disorder657.7 MBGNU-GPL20123
37.Doc Classifier - tool for automatic document classification10.5 MBGNU-GPL20125
38.Software for the retrieval of bibliographic data from Web of Science102 kBCC-BY-NC-S20123
39.Automatic Face Corpus Creator - tool for automatic face corpus creation315 kBGNU-GPL20124
40.Muscle Wrapping Simulation117 MBCC-BY-NC-S20118
41.SIFT Face Recognizer10.9 MBGNU-GPL20113
42.Extra-functional properties Storage System36.6 MBGNU-GPL20111
43.A toolset for assigning and evaluating extra-functional properties18.7 MBGNU-GPL20111
44.Visuailzator of component applications ComAV25.6 MBGNU-GPL20111
45.ExtendedJenaBean - Tool for transformation of OO code into OWL18.3 MBGNU-GPL20111
46.Annotation tool for data classes14.8 MBGNU-GPL20112
47.Library of statistical methods for EEG/ERP experiments3.7 MBGNU-GPL20113
48.EEG data formats converting tool522 kBGNU-GPL20118
49.Java2SemanticWeb - Tool for transforming data and metadata to the Semantic Web resources23.6 MBGNU-GPL20111
50.eegdsp - library for EEG signal processing1.4 MBGNU-GPL20114
51.Software for analyzing Web of Science data 498 kBCC-BY-NC-S20114
52.IntervalOp634 kBGNU-GPL20114
53.Tools for anonymous unstructured medical data and image2.6 MBGNU-GPL20111
54.Software modules for design and run of EEG/ERP experiments15.9 MBGNU-GPL20113
55.Compression of Group of Similar Images4.8 MBCC-BY-NC-S20102
56.Tool for computing average faces34.5 MBCC-BY-NC-S20102
57.Dynamic Mesh Compression Toolkit11 MBCC-BY-NC-S20103
58.Constrained Delaunay triangulation159 kBCC-BY-NC-S20107
59.Blender 3D Modelling - stereoscopic version43.9 MBGNU-GPL20104
60.Software for analyzing DBLP and CiteSeer data1.9 MBCC-BY-NC-S20101
61.LINGVO Named Entity Recognizer17.8 MBGNU-GPL20101
62.Mobile agents for processing EEG/ERP signals1006 kBGNU-GPL20102
63.Portal of EEG experiments20.1 MBGNU-GPL20102
64.Jerpa - Integration of signal processing methods37.1 MBGNU-GPL20103
65.Tool for automatic transfer of relational database into semantic web resources DBTransformer41.6 MBGNU-GPL20102
66.Tool for stimuli presentation in neuroinformatics experiments PreSti4.9 MBGNU-GPL20101
67.Software tool for categorization of words from Czech-written documents7.9 MBGNU-GPL20102
68.JALM - Java Advanced Language Models469 kBCC-BY-NC-S20102
69.Medical Data De-Identification Tool7.8 MBGNU-GPL20103
70.Medical Data Retrieval from Hospitals Over Encrypted Connection396 kBGNU-GPL20101
71.OpenGL for .NET782 kBGNU-GPL20108
72.Volumetric Data Subtraction Analyser924 kBCC-BY-NC-S20103
73.OBVS - OSGi Bundle Versioning Service8.8 MBCC-BY-NC-S20101
74.Tool for creating associative database1012 kBGNU-GPL20102
75.Oracle XML Schema Register2.6 MBCC-BY-NC-S20102
76.Automatic Speaker Recognition Toolkit91.9 MBGNU-GPL201017
77.Software for comparing models MeshTest118.1 MBCC-BY-NC-S20105
78.jDALabeler - tool for dialog act corpus labeling17.9 MBGNU-GPL201010
79.Data Stream Hierarchical Clustering Library183 kBCC-BY-NC-S20095
80.A library for the construction of a dynamic regular and Delaunay tetrahedronization674 kBCC-BY-NC-S200928
81.Fine Commander1064 kBGNU-GPL200935
82.EuroSearch - Searching in Multilingual Environment1056 kBCC-BY-NC-S200934
83.ALMUS: Automatic text summarizer142 kBGNU-GPL20093
84.jSQLBenchmark6.9 MBCC-BY-NC-S20092
85.Smart Active Node4.7 MBGNU-GPL20091
86.SNIH/UP: Detecting Unauthorized Modification of HTTP Communication via Steganography196 kBGNU-GPL20091
87.Image Triangulation Interpolation1379 kBGNU-GPL20093
88.Tool for visualization and processing of EEG signals BrainStudio5 MBGNU-GPL20094
89.Web Services for Morphological Analysis3.7 MBGNU-GPL20091
90.LINGVO Annotation Manager2.4 MBGNU-GPL20091
91.A Tool for Plagiarism Detection in Written Text - SVDPlag v1.0899 kBCC-BY-NC-S20099
92.Compression of Image Based Delaunay Triangulation3.9 MBCC-BY-NC-S20093
93.Representation of images by the Delaunay triangulation3.6 MBCC-BY-NC-S20095
94.LTranscriber - a tool for segmentation, labeling and transcription of audio recordings610 kBCC-BY-NC-S20091
95.TriStats - Program for Triangulation Statistic Evaluation60 kBGNU-GPL20092
96.MivaCRUST - Software pro rekonstrukci povrchů geometrických objektů z množiny roztroušených bodů1.7 MBCC-BY-NC-S20093
97.SPOT - Dictionary of domain-specific terminology5.2 MBCC-BY-NC-S20086
98.JLASER - Automatic Speech Recognizer1.7 MBGNU-GPL20087
99.LINGVO Parser1158 kBGNU-GPL20084
100.Automated corpus recording collector LRecorder486 kBCC-BY-NC-S20081
101.MVE Stereorenderer Module 1163 kBCC-BY-NC-S20081
102.Stereoscopic Renderer for Paraview43.2 MBGNU-GPL20081
103.Facial expression recognition system ARFE31 kBCC-BY-NC-S20085
104.MVE-2: Modular Visualisation Environment 25.5 MBCC-BY-NC-S20085
105.Digital Holography Toolkit27.5 MBCC-BY-NC-S200868
106.Laser Burned Samples Explorer LaSE 11.2 MBGNU-GPL20082
107.Java Urban Traffic Simulator16.2 MBGNU-GPL20088
108.PLib: a library for computation in the projective space922 kBCC-BY-NC-S20081
109.Modules for processing medical data in DICOM format for MVE-2916 kBCC-BY-NC-S20084
110.Volume data analysis and iso-surface extraction for MVE-2906 kBCC-BY-NC-S20083
111.Automatic Bug Reporting Tool7.2 MBGNU-GPL20081
112.OSGi Bundle Compatibility Verifier6.3 MBCC-BY-NC-S20072
113.Teraman: A Tool for Word N-gram Extraction413 kBCC-BY-NC-S20079