! In case that you feel interested in the events described below and would like to go with us, please, make your reservation using the My Preferences page. We need to know about your prospective participation in advance in order to book large enough bus, enough tour guides, meals, admissions, etc.


Tuesday, 29 August 2017, 17:00included in the conference fee

Walking around the centre of Prague on a late summer early-evening, it is like tasting the Middle Ages. The city is soaked with hundreds of years of history and it leaks out on every corner. There are numerous picturesque seclusions where one can contemplate the elusiveness of time as well as astonishing outlooks filling human heart with joy and pride.

Prague Castle

Night view of Prague Castle from a bridge on the Vltava river. Photo © Prague City Tourism, www.prague.eu, 2017.

We will take you on a guided tour so that you may expose yourself to the unique genius loci of Prague. The tour will take approx. 3 hours of (mostly) walking. The tour will end right in the very centre of Prague, at Wenceslas Square from where everyone is free to extend the tour with the Prague night life.


The brief outline of the tour is as follows (can be refined, eventually):

Important! Each tour participant will need to have 1 public transport ticket (per CZK 24) ready beforehand.


Thursday, 31 August 2017, 08:45not included in the conference fee / surcharge 1105 CZK (approx. 44€)

Kutná Hora is a beautiful minor town situated in the centre of Bohemia, about an hour of driving from Prague to the east. In spite of its modest character, it is one of the most favourite places to visit for tourists from all over the world. Its monuments are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1995.

The Cathedral of St Barbara is one of the most amazing gothic structures in the country. It was built in the age of blooming of silver mining. It stands for a nice example proving the prosperity of Kutná Hora. The beginnings of the construction of this architectural piece of art reach up to the 14th century. The exterior reflects typical features of gothic architecture of that age. Its interiors are themselves a gallery of diverse artworks such as gothic frescoes, renaissance pulpit or baroque sculptures.

St. Barbara Cathedral

Twilight view of St. Barbara Cathedral and Jesuit College of Kutná Hora. Photo © Jan Klimeš – www.czphoto.cz, 2017.

The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St John the Baptist can be found in the nearby community of Sedlec. It is also an UNESCO monument but it bears one another very prestigious award – SPLENDISSIMA BASILICA – the most splendid basilica. The unique Sedlec Monstrance is being kept in there as one the oldest gothic monstrances in the world. Another part of the former Cistercian Monastery is the Cemetery Church of All Saints. Its attractiveness is based upon the interiors made of human skeletal remains.

The Czech Museum of Silver offers a very interesting experience too. You can visit some of the silver mine relicts there – for example the famous silver mine Osel (Donkey) and some underground corridors. The mine Osel is supposed to be the greatest and deepest mine in the area. Some parts of the drifts are formed into a tourist route. You can join a group with lecture in English. The route is not recommended for people suffering from claustrophobia, heart-illnesses or high blood pressure. Children are not allowed to enter the mine.

Another worth-seeing monument is the Italian Court which is the former royal mint and royal palace rebuilt from a gothic fortress in the early 14th century by Czech king Wenceslas II. This mint became a privileged factory in the whole Czech kingdom after a currency reform. In the 19th century it went under reconstruction giving it the present-day appearance.

It is going to be a long day so we did not forget to arrange something fine to eat and drink. You will have the opportunity to taste typical Czech dishes and drinks...


The expected schedule of the trip is as follows (can be refined, eventually):

08:30 – meeting of the trip participants in front of the main entrance to the Orea Hotel Pyramida
08:45 – leaving from in front of the Orea Hotel Pyramida, Prague (the official conference hotel, see Venue – Accommodation) by the conference bus
10:15 – approaching Kutná Hora
10:30 – beginning of the conducted tour of the Cathedral of St Barbara followed by a guided walk through the historical centre
12:30 – lunchtime break in the restaurant Dačický (a dish and a drink included in the trip price)
13:30 – follow up to the sightseeing tour with a visit of the Italian Court
14:50 – end of the tour at the building of the Czech Museum of Silver and the entrance of the silver mine Osel
15:00 – Czech Museum of Silver and a possibility to go to see the mine Osel (a group of max. 25 people)
17:50 – the approximate end of the tour and setting out for the ride back to Prague which takes around an hour.

The estimated price of this whole day trip is 1105 CZK (approx. 44€) and is not included in the conference fee. It can be paid at the TSD2017 registration desk during the conference. Please, bear in mind that we are not able to process bank cards on site, the payment has to be done in cash only.
The trip price covers all the admissions, the conducted tours with an English-speaking guide, the lunch at the Dačický Restaurant and the travel costs.
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