Prof. Ing. Václav Skala, CSc.

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Telephone UWB:+420 377 63 2473
Office:UC 360
Office hours:Ut 10:15-11:00; Čt 7:40-8:10
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  • Head of the Center of Computer Graphics and Visualization
  • Editorial Board The Visual Computer, Springer
  • Editorial Board of Computers& Graphics, Elsevier
  • Editorial Bord of Machine Graphics and Vision, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Editorial Board of Egyptian Computer Science Journal, Egypt


  • Eurographics Association

List of taught subjects


KIV / APGAlgorithms of Computer Graphics 
KIV / VIDData Visualization 
KIV / ZPGFundamentals of Computer Graphics 
KIV / VINFInformation visualization 

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