Solving a diploma thesis supported by TU Vienna in the course of the European FP6 DECOS project

The Real-Time Systems Group at the Institute of Computer Engineering at the Technical University in Vienna is looking for talented students which are interested in working on one of our projects.


The actual thesis

A tentative list of themes is available at this address (only in German so far). However, the preferred method of selecting a theme is to discuss the work here with us, since the available topics change as the DECOS project progresses. We expect you to visit us here in Vienna and see for yourself the work we do here. This is for our benefit as well as your's since we are able to check that there will be no later trouble with communication and prevent possible misunderstandings. You will learn first-hand about the work that is expected of you and see the place where you may spend the next few months.

The theses will generally be implementations of prototypes for a new architecture or a protocol developed here. They will be part of and sponsored by the European research project DECOS (see the web-page here).

What we do here?

The research focus of the real-time systems group is on distributed, fault-tolerant real-time systems. In the context of the MARS (MAintainable Real-time System) project, a first successful prototype of a time-triggered real-time system has been built. Current work concentrates on the implementation of the successor to this project, a system built around the real-time communication protocol TTP. Another time-triggered protocol that is being developed right now is the Time-Triggered Ethernet (TTE).

You can visit our home-page here.

Work and scholarship

You will be required to work on your thesis here at our institute. The work should take approximately 6 months, depending on your progress and the complexity of the solved problem. You will receive a scholarship of 600 Euros per month for the maximum duration of 6 months. The thesis must be written in English and it will be reviewed by the person offering the theme. The thesis will be defended at your home university (UWB), the defense will be in the Czech language.

You will need an Austrian bank account to receive your scholarship. Students up to the age of 30 can have such account for free, see for example the Bank Austria Creditanstalt.

How is this organized?

You will stay a student of the University of West Bohemia (UWB) and the thesis will be published as work of UWB which was sponsored by the DECOS project. The fact that you will work on the thesis at the TU Vienna does not require you to be a student of the TU Vienna (you have to pay a fee for studying a University in Austria).

Visit us in Vienna

If you feel that this kind of diploma thesis is the right for you, you should visit us at our department. The trip here and back will be covered by our department if you bring your ticket with you (it must contain the price). Just send us an e-mail before your intended arrival to make sure that we are ready.

You can find us near the historical center of Vienna on Karlsplatz. You can get to Karlsplatz by subway lines U1, U2 and U4. If you leave by the right-most exit to "Wiedner Hauptstrasse", you will enter the street nearly facing the TU (it is slightly to the right, a large building with stone owls on the edges). The entrance is facing the exit of the sub-way and there is only one in this side of the builing. You should go to the 3rd floor and ring by the glass door.

Please, take along your student-book (index). It helps us to evaluate your abilities.


We will help you find an accommodation by giving you some tips and if necessary a confirmation that you are working/studying at our department. It will be up to you to find the particular place which suits your needs. The student hostels here in Vienna provide mostly accommodation for no less than 9 months, but if you ask, they may make an exception. There are many special offers for the summer (July, August, September) which you may use as well. Probably the safest way is to find a student flat and share it with several other people. Below are some links that may help you find a room or flat.

Notes on searching for accomodation: If you see the shortcut WG, it means Wohngemeinschaft, which is a group of students sharing the same flat. It is generally the most cost-efficient way to live in Vienna. If you choose a room or flat, make sure it is furnitured—the cheapest offers often lack furniture or require renovation.

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