The programme of the TSD conference is traditionally enriched by various excursions to interesting places and trips around local sights. This time the organizing committee has arranged an excursion to the second, less known Pilsner brewery – Gambrinus, and a trip to the medieval castle Radyně and hunting lodge of Kozel joint with an excursion to Bohemia Sekt Winery.


Saturday, September 3, 16:30
Gambrinus is the `second' Pilsner brewery. It is less known than its neighbour Pilsner Urquell and stands a little in its shadow. However, lots of Czech beer connoisseurs prefer the Gambrinus beer to Pilsner Urquell for its less pretentious, more straightforward lager taste.

The Gambrinus brewery was founded in 1869 by 20 distinguished Pilsen citizens chaired by the renowned industrialist knight Emil Škoda as First Pilsner Joint-stock Brewery. Nowadays, the brewery has been made accessible for excursions and has a considerable lot to offer to an interested visitor.

Gambrinus Brewery


Kozel Chateau

Sunday, September 4, 13:00
Kozel Chateau is a hunting lodge in the Classicist style situated close to the city of Plzeň. The castle was built at the end of 18th century by architect Václav Haberditz for Jan Vojtěch of Czernin. It is a ground-floor building around the inner rectangular courtyard. Around the castle we can also find a chapel, riding school and a stable. The complex is surrounded by a large park.

Radyně Castle is a castle coming from 14th century situated on a hill of the same name, near the town of Starý Plzenec, in the Plzeň Region. In recent years, the castle has been progressively renewed, and a permanent exhibition devoted to its history can now be seen. The tower is open to the visitors of the castle, and its observation point affords wonderful views.

Bohemia Sekt Winery

The Bohemia Sekt company in Starý Plzenec near Plzeň has been the largest wine growing and making group in Czech Republic since 1942. Its history is marked by several generations of wine makers. The deep cellars of the plant in Starý Plzenec in combination with the latest technology guarantee the superior quality of the Bohemia Sekt brands of sparkling wines that can be found in all leading Czech restaurants. The company having about 350 wine brands exports its products to 15 countries of the world.