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Software produced as part of our research

  • JaCC – the Java Class Comparator library performs extraction of Java language types from binary (.class) format and type comparison adhering to the Java Language Specification rules.
  • OBCCOSGi Bundle Compatibility checker is a tool that takes two OSGi bundles (most commonly, subsequent revisions of the same bundle), compares them and returns an indication whether the second one can be substituted for (used instead of) the first one while maintaining type safety with pre-existing clients.
  • OSGi Version Generator is an Ant task which evaluates two bundles for changes, and sets bundle version manifest header of the second bundle according to the OSGi version schema specification. Uses Java type system rules for compatibility evaluation.
  • C-Sim is a tool designed for discrete-time simulations. It has the form of a library written in ANSI C and its most important features are portability and performance. The design of the library is based on the SIMULA language. Latest version of C-Sim is 5.0 and can be downloaded either in the form of a compiled library or C source codes from the web-site.
  • J-Sim is a tool similar to C-Sim, i.e. it supports discrete-time simulation. The tool is written in Java using its object-oriented features. It is available in the form of a package from the web-site.
  • P-Sim is another simulation tool based on C-Sim. It is purely object oriented (as J-Sim) and implemented in the Python language. The current version is 1.0-pre1. The tool requires Python 2.2 or later.