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SaCCo - Safe and Comprehesible Software Components

Welcome to the web of the SaCCo – Safe and Comprehensible software Components project group which is involved in research of software components and their modeling, substitutability and versioning.

We concentrate on fundamental principles and strive for a practical use of the research results, at present focusing especially on the OSGi platform for its clean design and industrial importance. Some ideas are also being researched on the CoSi component model as our sandbox.

Our group exists from the year 2004, and currently has 5 graduate students and 3 PhD students:

  • Dr. Premek Brada – group lead
  • Kamil Ježek, Jaroslav Šnajberk, Lukáš Holý – PhD students
  • former members – Jaroslav Bauml, Lukáš Valenta

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Current Work

We are working on the following projects:

We also archive the descriptions of some previous projects. For an artistic view of what we’re doing, see the Wordle keyword map.


Other Sacco’s

  • Bruno Sacco of Mercedes-Benz E500 fame
  • Joe Sacco who won several awards for comics-style reportages from former Yugoslavia and Palestine.