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Extra-functional Properties for Components

It is well known that extra-functional properties (EFPs) can have substantial impact on application’s architectural and design decisions. Aspects such as dependability, usability, portability, or timing characteristics are used only in specialized domains — our aim is therefore to „bring EPFs closer to the average component developer“ and keep their rigorous foundations at the same time.

As an extra-functional property of a software item we understand its characteristic which (1) concerns the item’s clients or even end-users, and (2) is not an invokable functionality or behaviour.

Reasonable formalisms for defining these properties have already been proposed. On their basis we have defined basic quality attribute definition structures and derived higher-level characteristics, and proposed a scalable architecture of EFP definition registries to provide a common baseline for their interpretation. This basic infrastructure enables subsequent mechanisms for their evaluation during component composition and substitutability.

Research results

  • Ježek, K. and Brada, P. Implementation of Language for Extra-functional Properties for Reusable Software Components. Proceedings of Euromicro Work in Progress Session, Johanes Kepler University of Linz, Austria, 2009
  • A prototype implementation in the experimental CoSi component model.