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GUI Code Tracing Through Direct Program Interaction

Seminar by André Santos, University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

Time and place: Tue 2nd July 2013, Seminar room CIV ZCU (please indicate if you plan to come)


This talk presents and demonstrates two IDE-based mechanisms that
enable developers to seamlessly relate GUI source code and widgets of
running programs, navigating to and from one another. One of the
mechanisms supports navigation from widgets of the running program to
the source code in the IDE, allowing developers to instantly locate
GUI elements in the source code. The other mechanism supports reverse
navigation, enabling developers to locate the widgets in the running
program (by means of visual marks) given variables of the source code.
We have developed proof of concept prototypes for Java/SWT, using
Eclipse as the IDE. The mechanisms were implemented with recourse to
program instrumentation (using AOP). We measured the execution
overhead caused by the instrumentation, and verified that it remains
within acceptable proportions, enabling the approach to scale to large