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Product description

The sample product enables mutual conversion of the following EEG data formats - EDF, Brain Vision and KIV. The software, implemented in Java, is used as a standalone product and as a library suitable for integration into the EEG signal processing software. Conversion and mutual compatibility of EEG data formats is one of the solutions to standardize electrophysiological data that is addressed in the INCF (International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility) electrophysiology Task Force - The software was presented in the paper Roman Mouček, Petr Ježek: Overview of neuroinformatics infrastucture in Pilsen, CZ, 4th Congress of Neuroinfomatics, 2011, Boston, USA. The user manuals for the product are in the attached files manual.pdf and manual_en.pdf (english version).


The use of this product is governed by the following license:GNU-GPL

GNU General Public License v.3

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