Ing. Petr Grillinger, Ph.D.

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2001 - Software Engineering at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of West Bohemia (UWB), Pilsen. MSC. Thesis Software project of simulation-based fault injection for TTA.

Since the graduation in 2001, I am working on my PhD. at the University of West Bohemia. My selected theme is C-Reference model of TTP/C protocol which is a direct continuation of my part of work on the FIT project (see here).

My know-how in programming languages is centered around C mainly, but in 2003-2004 I came across the Python language an became quite fond of it. One result of my work with Python is a simulation library called P-Sim. It is available under LGPL licence and you can see/get it here).

With the end of 2004, I left my work in Pilsen (but I still remain a PhD student there) and I am now working at the Technical University in Vienna in the Real-time Systems Group (see the web page). I am working on a prototype implementation of a new safety-critical real-time protocol/controller based on the Ethernet medium.

I graduated successfully at the end of May 2005. I still work at the Technical University in Vienna and offer some interesting master theses for interested students who do not mind a 6-month stay in Vienna. The details about the theses can be found here.


  • Member of DSS research group
  • The main (and only) developer of the P-Sim simulation library

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