Ing. Arnoštka Netrvalová, Ph.D.

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She received Ing. (MSc.) degree in Electronic Computers from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Pilsen in 1977 and Ph.D. from the same university in 2010. She is a senior lecturer in Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Faculty of Applied Sciences of University of West Bohemia. During years she participated on various research tasks and works containing problems of information systems, architecture of computer systems, simulation and realization of simulation models in medicine covered models of temperature homeostasis, use of artificial intelligence principles and also problems of microprocessors use for technological process control. Areas of scientific interest are simulation models in medicine, working and modeling in non-technical systems. Her present research is focused on modeling and simulation trust problems, and trust modeling generally. In the last time she teaches lectures and seminars of Computers and Programming course.


  • Faculty Advisor ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

List of taught subjects


KIV / PPA1Computers and Programming 1 
KIV / PPA2Computers and Programming 2 

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